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Adobe AcrobatABA Diploma/Certificate Flyer


ABA Bank Financial Management Diploma 2014

ABA Bank Marketing Diploma 2014 Will be retired as of 08/31/15

ABA Bank Operations Diploma 2014

ABA Business Banking and Commercial Lending Diploma Formerly known as “Commercial Lending” Diploma

ABA Banking and Finance Diploma 2014 Will be retired as of 08/31/15

ABA Consumer Banking Diploma 2014 Formerly known as “Consumer Lending” Diploma

CFT Financial Services Management Diploma

ABA General Banking Diploma 2014

CFT Global Banking Formerly known as “International Banking” Diploma

ABA Military Banking Operations Diploma 2014 NEW

ABA Personal Trust Diploma 2014 Will be retired as of 08/31/15

ABA Residential Mortgage Lending Diploma 2014 Will be retired as of 08/31/15


ABA Bank Service Provider Certificate 2014

ABA Bank Teller Certificate 2014

ABA Branch Manager Certificate 2014 NEW

ABA Call Center Representative Certificate 2014

ABA Commercial Lending Certificate 2014 NEW

CFT Compliance Officer Certificate NEW

CFT Credit Analysis Certificate

ABA Customer Service Representative Certificate 2014

CFT Introduction to Accounting Certificate

CFT Introduction to Human Resource Certificate

ABA Lending Compliance Certificate 2014 NEW

ABA Personal Banker Certificate 2014

CFT Introduction to Sales and Service Certificate NEW

ABA Small Business Banker Certificate 2014

ABA Supervisor Certificate 2014

ABA Team Leader Certificate 2014

ABA Universal Banker 2014 NEW


MDC/CFT Banking Specialist

MDC/CFT Banking (Credit Analysis) Operations

MDC/CFT Banking (Lending) Management

Miami Dade College AS Degree:

Associate in Science Degree – Financial Services

Miami Dade College BAS Degree:

Bachelor of Applied Science Degree – Supervision & Management


Under CFT’s previous 10-year rule policy, CFT credit expired for all courses taken more than 10 years prior to the date that a CFT student applied for a diploma or certificate. Under the revised policy, all CFT courses are now exempt from the 10-year rule. The decision to drop the 10-year rule will allow countless CFT students to continue pursuing their CFT Diplomas and Certificates and more closely reflects the policies of most colleges and universities.

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