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Adobe AcrobatMicrocomputer Workshop – Summer 2015 Schedule


CFT has a solution for those institutions that have a group of employees who need computer training but they can’t travel to CFT/MDC’s Microcomputer Academy sites. CFT/MDC can now bring a computer training lab to you! For groups from seven to fifteen employees who need standard business software training at all levels. CFT/MDC will bring laptop computers and a projection system to your location and conduct the same training program as in our own computer training labs. The training is conducted with one computer for each participant and each participant receives an excellent reference book. The training may be conducted in one full day or two half-days for your convenience (even on Saturdays). And the cost is quite reasonable considering the convenience!

So next time you hear co-workers mention computer training, call CFT at (305) 237-3051 for complete information on our on-site computer training. You’ll save time, energy and the inconvenience of leaving your organization.


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